International Conferences

“Fostering implementation of agreed key commitments” meeting in Vienna

19 March, 2017

The NCEQE has participated in the BFUG Working Group 2 “Fostering implementation of agreed key commitments” meeting in Vienna, Austria on March 19-22, 2017. The Agenda included topics on the process of the Bologna reforms implementation.
Two interesting presentations were offered: Presentation by Riku Matilainen, ETUCE: “Staff (im-) mobility - challenges of and driving forces behind mobility” and Presentation by Gottfried Bacher, BMWFW, Austria: Student Mobility: the Austrian Higher Education Mobility Strategy in the context of the EHEA”.
Following topics were discussed: Final WG2 Report: Setting the roadmap towards the first draft, Liaison with other AG/WG, Preparing the Oslo Board meeting, Preparation for the next meeting (see details in the attached Minutes).

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