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Conference on Changes in the Quality Assurance System of Higher Education- Promotion of Mechanisms oriented on results and development

6 December, 2016

On 6 and 7 December, the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement with the support of the European Council, held a conference at the hotel Hualing Tbilisi about Changes in the Quality Assurance System of Higher Education- Promotion of Mechanisms oriented on results and development. The changes planned in the quality assurance system of higher education were discussed on the conference, also they discussed the updated standards and procedures of higher education institution authorization, assessment methodology, challenges and opportunities.

International experts of the European Council, the representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, the representatives of higher education institutions and the education field, members of the Authorization and Appeal Board, also the guests from the international organizations and partner ministries participated in the conference.

The project of new standards for authorization of higher educational institutions was elaborated taken into consideration the requirements of the Standards and guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area, international practices and the recommendations from the international experts.

Updated standards and procedures of authorization will contribute to the higher education quality enhancement, development of result-oriented quality assurance system, the student-oriented education, recognition and reliability of the qualifications granted by Georgian educational institutions working on international level. The will also contribute to the Implementation of the Association Agreement between Georgia and the European Union and enlistment of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement in the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).



Alignment of Internal and External Quality Assurance Mechanisms and Impact on Education Quality Development 
Dr David Cairns

Relevance of ESG-2015 to reforming Georgian Higher Education in the context of commonEuropean Higher Education Area policies 
Aurelija Valeikienė, 
Deputy Director 
Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC), Lithuania, 
Council of Europe Expert 

From Quality Control to Quality Development 
Dr Maiki Udam 

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