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Working Meeting of the Accreditation Council for Educational Programmes

25 February, 2019

A business meeting of the Accreditation Council for educational programmes was held on February 23 and 24. Mr. Giorgi Vashakidze, the Director of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, attended the meeting, as well as the representatives of different structural units of the Center.

The goal of the meeting was to undertake a thorough review of the ongoing processes in the quality assurance system of the educational programmes.
The members of the Council once again discussed the accreditation standards, self-evaluation form and a four-level scale of the standard's evaluation. The discussion mainly focused on the following issues:

✔ A result-oriented quality assurance system;
✔ A student-oriented learning process;
✔ Peculiarities of PhD programmes' evaluation;
✔ The importance of statistical data in the process of programme evaluation; ✔ The main difference between the four levels of standard evaluation; ✔ Types of decisions made by the Council.

All of the aforementioned will facilitate the consistency and transparency of the decisions made by the Council.

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