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The authorisation procedure covers the following steps:

a. Submission of authorization application
b. Recognition of educational institution as a status-seeker
c. Creation of authorization experts’ panel
d. Preliminary review of authorization self-assessment form and corresponding documents by the authorization experts’ panel, and creating agenda for the site-visit
e. Authorization site-visit
f. Elaboration of the draft evaluation report and submission to the NCEQE
g. Introducing draft evaluation report to the institution
h. Submission of evidence-based position of the educational institution on the evaluation report to the NCEQE
i. Development of the final version of the evaluation report by the panel of experts, and submission to the NCEQE
j. Introducing evaluation report to the educational institution by authorization experts
k. Submission of the authorization application, evaluation report, and evidence-based position of the educational institutions to the members of the Authorization Council
l. Oral hearing on authorization, and decision-making by relevant Authorization Council
m. Publication of the decision by the NCEQE.

A decision on granting of or refusal to authorisation shall be made within a period of 180 days following the recognition of an institution as an applicant for authorisation.

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