Recognition of Foreign Education

For the recognition of foreign education, the Center verifies the authenticity of an educational document, issued by a foreign institution and establishes the compatibility of the qualification, contained in this document or the learning outcomes, attained during the period of study with the qualifications, existing in Georgia.

Recognition is valid to:

• General Education
• Vocational Education
• Higher Education.

Recognition is not valid to:

• Preschool Education (kindergarten)
• Residency (postgraduate medical training.)
• Education acquired in the frames of exchange programmes implemented by Georgian educational institutions upon the permission of the Center.

Required Documentation:

1. An application (application form) – commensurate with Part 3 and 4 of Article 73, of the General Administrative Code of Georgia, the official language of administrative proceeding shall be Georgian. Respectfully, if submitted application form regarding the recognition of foreign education has been prepared in a non-state language, applicant shall present a notarized translation of the application to the Center.
2. A copy of the applicant’s identity card (in case of foreign citizen, the notarized translation of the copy of Passport).
3. In the case filing an application by another person, the document certifying the authority thereof (power of attorney);
4. In the case filing an application by a parent, the notarized copy of child’s birth certificate shall be presented;
5. A translated and notarized copy of an educational document;⃰
6. Application fee payment receipt (regular procedure (one month) 40 GEL; Expedited procedure of Recognition of qualification acquired abroad - 15 business days - 80 GEL; 5 business days - 120 GEL; 1 business day - 250 GEL
7. In case of foreign Higher Education acquired by distance learning, live abroad proving documents shall be presented.

⃰ Educational documents are:

• Certificate of complete general education and its supplement ; certificate of base education and its supplement, certificate of primary education and its supplement (official transcript of grades)
• Vocational Diploma and its supplement (official transcript of grades)
• Higher Education Diploma and its supplement ( official transcript of grades)
• A document certifying the awarded academic qualification

Requisites for payments to be made to TREASURY:

Beneficiaries Bank: Treasury
Name of Beneficiary: Treasury Single Account
Bank code: TRESGE22
Beneficiary acc/ Treasury code: 707637113-( LEPL –National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement- service fee)

The following persons shall be excused from the payment of service fee:

• Representatives of international information network, representatives of accredited diplomatic corpus and consulate in Georgia, , Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia in the case of service provided for diplomatic relations
• Citizens who became disabled as a result of military actions conducted for the territorial integrity, freedom and independence of Georgia
• Participants of World War II
• Veterans of war and armed forces and displaced persons - by 50 %;
• Persons with markedly and significantly expressed disability - by 50%;

Any foreign language document is subject to the notarization of its translation into Georgian language!

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