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Internationalization of Education

Internationalization of higher education gained more importance in last several years with the purpose of improvement of quality of education and promotion of competitiveness of higher educational institutions. Internationalization covers the mobility of students and educational staff, joint educational programmes, international cooperation in the frames of different research projects.


The activity of NCEQE with regard to Internationalization

The National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE) aims at promoting the integration of Georgian educational institutions in International educational area and raising credibility towards them. The National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE) is actively cooperating with the Ministries of Education and Quality Assurance Bodies of different countries, international and donor organizations in order to enhance the quality of general, vocational and higher education programmes. In April 2014, the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement concluded a Memorandum of Cooperation with The Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education of Lithuania [SKVC]. The same year, NCEQE gained an affiliate status of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).
NCEQE is actively involved in implementation of existing recommendations of the Association Agreement between the EU and Government of Georgia. In the frames of the Association Agreement and in order to promote the Bologna Process, it is planned to review standards and procedures of quality assurance on the basis of the revised Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG). Also, creation of a pool of international peers, in order to involve international accreditation peers into the process of quality assurance has already been launched.
The Division for Promoting Bologna Process and European Integration was created within the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (NCEQE) in 2015, which aims at promoting implementation of the Bologna Process in Georgia, promotion and monitoring of existing EU recommendations within the frames of the Association Agreement to support EU integration.

During the two year cooperation of the European Union and Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia in the frames of “ TWINING - CEIBAL’’ project, the ,,Recognition Manual’’ was elaborated. The goal of the manual is to establish the system of recognition in compliance with the international standards and ensure its compatibility with the Lisbon Convention and corresponding documents. The recognition of education is essential for promotion of international education, students, academic staff and researchers’ mobility. One of the main activities of Internationalization of education and Bologna Process is to promote mobility, NCEQE undertakes the recognition of secondary, vocational and higher education, also recognition of the education period. Together with the authenticity of educational documents NCEQE undertakes the compatibility procedures of foreign qualifications with the existing EU qualifications in Georgia.

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