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Rules / Procedures

1. What are the stages and in what sequence should the student pass the mobility? 

1. Sign up for mobility electronic portal 
2. Make an electronic application for mobility to fix your choice (Higher education institution, Educational program) and sort it according to priorities. 
3. Pay the mobility fee (40 GEL) in Bank of Georgia. 
4. To see mobility results in the portal log into personal registration window. 
5. In case of a positive response, immediately apply to the receiving higher education institution and submit copies of your personal case. 
6. See the number of credits recognized by the HEI and confirm the consent / declaration with a written statement. 

2. When should students register on electronic portal and fill in an electronic application for the mobility process ? 

LEPL - within the terms defined by the order of the director of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement 

3. Who has the right to register on the portal? 
The right for registering on electronic portal has a person who is in the registry/base of educational institutions and has the status of a student obtained by the legislation. 

4. How should a student take a part in mobility process whose data is not recorded in the registry of educational institutions? 
He or she addresses to his or her HEI or the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement in order to reflect the relevant information in Educational Institutions Register and if the institution in which the student is enrolled, is liquidated without the determination of the successor/ Assignment – he or she adresses to the center. 

5. Does a student whose student’s status is stopped or canceled has the right for the mobility? 
A student whose student’s status is determined is entitled to mobility within 12 months after termination of the status. 
A student whose students status is stopped has the right to benefit from the mobility process over 5 years after the status has stopped. 
Prior to February 4, 2010, all exmatriculated students are considered to be as suspended students and are entitled to benefit from the mobility process during 10 years from the date of exmatriculation. 

6. How does a student register on the e-portal? 
The student registers with the eleven-digit p / number on the electronic portal of mobility. 

7. How many academic programs and / or educational units can a student choose in an electronic application? 
Mobility applicants can choose no more than five academic programs and / or educational units ( if any). Applicant of the Mobility is eligible to make a choice according to the priority principle (preference principle). The priority principle is to determine the list of preferred academic programs and / or educational units, sorted according to priority sequence, in which students want to be enrolled by mobility. 
Students should register each choice separately. In case of any mistake the electronic portal enables the student to edit the unlimited number of programs selected (change the sequence, remove the selected program, add new ones, etc.) 

8 . Is a student able to change his or her choice in electronic portal? 
The student is entitled to change / erase his / her choices on the electronic portal before the registration deadline. 

9.How and where should the mobility applicant pay the mobility fee? 
The amount can be paid only after the student is registered on the e-portal and has made a choice. To pay the mobility fee, the student should visit any branch of JSC Bank of Georgia, approach to the operator of the bank and present the ID card. 

10. Who is relieved from the mobility fee? 
A student is free from the fees if: 
His / Her family is registered in the unified database of socially vulnerable families and the rating score does not exceed 70 000 while registering in electronic portal of the mobility. 

11. In what case will be the application for the mobility considered as valid? 
The applicant's application will only be counted when counting the results on the portal if the applicant for mobility will pay the mobility fee until the end of the registration deadline. 

12. How is the competition on electronic portal implemented? 
Competition on vacant places will be held on the electronic portal taking into consideration the priorities and competition scores defined by the student. 
In case of two or more equal competitive scores of students having the last competition place, the right to mobility on the portal will be obtained by each of them. 
Students whose competition scores are not registered in the registry (students enrolled in the legislation without the general national exams, MAs and PhD students) will be entitled to the participate in mibility without competition. 

13. Do higher educational institutions have the right to set up any additional requirements for the mobility? 
The higher education institution is authorized to establish additional requirements regarding the mobility of students (Exam, creative tour, interviewing, etc.) and / or to restrict a specific educational program with a specific condition (Year of study, number of credits, etc.) 
Additional requirements are reflected on electronic portal in the box of relevant educational program and the student is obliged to get acquainted with these requirements. 

14. Where and when can the student see the results of mobility on the portal? 
After announcing the results of mobility, a student participating in the mobility can see his or her own results in the portal - in the personal registry window. 
Also, students will be informed with the short text message and email. 

15. How is student enrolled in a higher education institution based on mobility? 
According to the electronic data, in case of obtaining the right of mobility (positive response), the student should immediately refer to the receiving higher education institution, within the timeframe established, and submit copies of the personal case. 
Attention! The higher education institution from which the student is transferred does not have the right to hinder him in receiving copies of the documents in his personal case. 

16. How credits are recognized by the recipient institution? 
Recognition of credits is carried out based on the documents available in the personal case submitted by the student. 
The recipient higher educational institution should make a decision on the recognition of credits collected by the mobility applicant. 
It is important! The student should be informed by the recipient higher educational institution about regarding the credits recognized. 

17. When is the student considered to be mobilized in a recipient HEI? 
The student should be considered to be mobilized from the date of issuance of the order issued by the recipient higher education institution to (sxva artikli unda qartuli teqstidan gamomdinare) the mobility of this student. 

18. How can a student refuse an enrollment? 
If the student refuses to mobilize, the written application should be addressed to the higher education institution of the recipient before issuing the order on the mobilization. 

19. In which case will be the mobility fee paid back to the student? 
The fee paid for the mobility registration (40 GEL) will be returned to the student fully if: 
The person entering the mobility process has not done any / registered application / choice on mobility after the deadline of electronic registration. 
If the fee is paid over the fixed rate, the difference in payment will be returned to fee payer. 
Written request for return of fees should be submitted within 3 months after payment of the fee. The paid fee will not be returned after the expiry of this term. Extension of time or restoration of the running time is not allowed. 
The fee will be returned within 10 working days after the written request of the interested person has been recieved. 

20. How can be the possibility of enrollment in a particular facility of mobility be determined? 
The student should take into consideration the following: 
Minimum competition score required for each program depicted on the mobility portal for the first priority is compatible with the number of applicants competing for the number of seats available for this program. 
In case of a competition, student tuition scores should be equal to and / or exceed the minimum competition score on the portal for entry into the relevant program. 
It is important! - The data on minimum competition scores are dynamic and may be changed according to the application / registration of other mobility applicants for this program. 
It is important! - The right to mobility will be given to the student by considering his /her priorities. The right to enroll in the higher education institution will be first given to those, who have the institution mentioned as the first priority, the remaining places will be distributed to the second, third and so on in accordance to the applications registered with priorities.

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