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Accreditation Council

Accreditation Council

The Council members are appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister of Georgia by the submission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia for the term of 1 year. Members of the Accreditation Council cannot be public servants. The authority of accreditation council is defined by the Accreditation charter, which guarantees its functional independence from Higher Education Institutions and Governmental Bodies.

The Composition of the Accreditation Council for Educational Programmes:

Irakli Burduli – Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law at – LEPL- Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Professor (Council Chair).

Elizbar Elizbarashvili – Chair of the –NLE- Association of Professional Chemists of Georgia, the professor at Agricultural University of Georgia (Deputy Chair of the Council).

Nino Chanadiri – MA Student of the School of Arts and Sciences at –LEPL- Ilia State University (Council Secretary).

Teo Urushadze – Dean of the School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences at –NLE- Agricultural University of Georgia, Professor.

Giorgi Kvartskhava – Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Biosystems Engineering of –LEPL- Georgian Technical University, Professor.

Sopiko Lobzhanidze – Head of the School of Education at the faculty of Arts and Sciences of –LEPL- Ilia State University.

Gela Gelashvili – Director of the –LEPL- Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Elevter Andronikashvili Institute of Physics.

Gaiane Simonia – Head of the department of Medical education research and Strategic development at –LEPL- Tbilisi State Medical University, Professor.

Dimitri Japaridze – Professor at –LEPL- Ilia State University, Chair of the institute of Economics and Business, Chair of the Representative council.

Irine Gotsiridze – Head of the department of Biomedical Engineering at Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems of –LEPL- Georgian Technical University, professor.

Paata Brekashvili –Director of Master and Doctoral programmes at Caucasus School of Business of –LLC- Caucasus University.

Giorgi Turkia – Professor at –NLE- Georgian Institute of Public Affairs.

Nato Gengiuri –Professor at –LEPL- Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University.

Levan Gordeziani – Professor at –LEPL- Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

Natela Sakhokia – Member of Administration at –NLE- Georgian Institute of Strategic Studies.

Olia Watt – Quality Assurance and Internal Integration Manager at –LLC- Policy and Management Consulting Group – PMCG.

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