Accreditation Council of Higher Educational Programs

The Composition of the Accreditation Council for Educational Programmes: 

Irakli Burduli – Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law at – LEPL- Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Professor (Council Chair). 

Elizbar Elizbarashvili – Chair of the –NLE- Association of Professional Chemists of Georgia, the professor at Agricultural University of Georgia (Deputy Chair of the Council). 

Nino Chanadiri – MA Student of the School of Arts and Sciences at –LEPL- Ilia State University (Council Secretary). 

Teo Urushadze – Dean of the School of Agricultural and Natural Sciences at –NLE- Agricultural University of Georgia, Professor. 

Giorgi Kvartskhava – Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Biosystems Engineering of –LEPL- Georgian Technical University, Professor. 

Sopiko Lobzhanidze – Head of the School of Education at the faculty of Arts and Sciences of –LEPL- Ilia State University. 

Gela Gelashvili – Director of the –LEPL- Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Elevter Andronikashvili Institute of Physics.

Gaiane Simonia – Head of the department of Medical education research and Strategic development at –LEPL- Tbilisi State Medical University, Professor. 

Dimitri Japaridze – Professor at –LEPL- Ilia State University, Chair of the institute of Economics and Business, Chair of the Representative council. 

Irine Gotsiridze – Head of the department of Biomedical Engineering at Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems of –LEPL- Georgian Technical University, professor. 

Paata Brekashvili –Director of Master and Doctoral programmes at Caucasus School of Business of –LLC- Caucasus University. 

Giorgi Turkia – Professor at –NLE- Georgian Institute of Public Affairs. 

Nato Gengiuri –Professor at –LEPL- Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgia State University. 

Levan Gordeziani – Professor at –LEPL- Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. 

Natela Sakhokia – Member of Administration at –NLE- Georgian Institute of Strategic Studies. 

Olia Watt – Quality Assurance and Internal Integration Manager at –LLC- Policy and Management Consulting Group – PMCG. 

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