General Education

Main goals of country policy in general education are:

A. Understanding the responsibility of the country's interests, traditions and values;
B. Maintenance and protection of natural environment;
C. Effective usage of technological or other intellectual achievements;
D. Living independently, making own decisions;
E. Be the Creator, create the values himself and not living only at the expense of existence;
F. Continuous development of their capabilities and interests throughout their lives and their Maximum realization both within the country and beyond its borders;
G. Communicate with individuals and groups;
H. Being a law-abiding, tolerant citizen.

Levels of secondary school

Full general education includes three levels and 12 years.
The levels of full general education are
A) Primary - I-VI grades;
B) Basic VII-IX grades;
C) Secondary - X-XII grades.
Primary and basic education is mandatory.
Full general education implies to overcome the level of achievements established by all three levels in general education. 
After receiving basic education - basic general education certificate is issued. On the basis of a basic level, a person has the right to go from school to pursue studies in the third level of general education or professional education program.
In order to continue studying in higher educational institute, individual must obtain full general education certificate.