LEPL - Shota Meskhia Zugdidi State University

Name of the HEI LEPL - Shota Meskhia Zugdidi State University
Programme name English Philology
Qualification name Bachelor of Humanities in English Philology
QF-EHEA Level - NQF Level First cycle - Level 6
Level of learning Bachelor Programme
Language of the programme Georgian
Detailed field and code (ISCED-F-2013) 0231 Language Acquisition
Total ECTS 240
Place of Programme implementation Zugdidi, Janashia st. N14, Georgia
Decision Positive with conditions or restrictions
Condition or/and restriction Accreditation with the condition of monitoring
Condition or restriction term 2 year
Valid from 8 February 2023
Valid to 8 February 2030
Date of the decision 14 February 2023
Decision Number 172221
Report Report
Decision Decision
Minutes Minutes