Vision of the Center: The Center represents a regional hub with  high credibility and recognition on local and international level, which offers a wide range of services related to education quality enhancement to the public. 

Mission of the Center: The mission of the Center is to support education quality enhancement by providing services that are user-oriented and based on internationally recognized standards and best local practices, as well as by supporting enhancement of quality-oriented governance. 

Values of the Center: The Center is primarily guided by the best interest of the persons involved in the educational process and carries out its activities based on the following values: 

Objectivity: Assessments carried out by us alongside self-evaluation is based on the standards established by the legislation and on factual circumstances. Established procedures eliminate partiality of the persons involved in the evaluation as much as possible. 
Transparency: The standards and procedures of our activities, our visions and values are publicly accessible and known to all stakeholders in advance.  Publicity of the information on the Center's activities is ensured. 
Impartiality: We ensure that the decisions made by the Center are in line with the legislation and that they account for the best interest of the involved stakeholders. 
Cooperation: We are open to cooperation with stakeholders. We review the novelties, offers and different opinions in a constructive manner and are driven to find solutions to problems.  
Development and Innovation: We systematically evaluate our activities and plan innovative ways for development based on the results of evaluation.  We offer the same approach to the education providers and we expect the same from our partners.