About Us

Who we are?

National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement (hereinafter – the Center) is Legal Entity of Public law (LEPL) within the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, which was created by the Reorganization of LEPL - National Center for Accreditation on September 14, 2010 on the basis of the order N89/N of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia for the purpose to improve educational quality throughout the country.

What we do?

The Center, for the purpose of external quality assurance, carries out authorization of educational institutions and accreditation of educational programs, as well as monitors implementation of authorization and accreditation standards. The Center works on improving the external as well as the internal quality assurance mechanisms, its implementation and creation of relevant recommendations. The Center supports creation and development of educational programs. Futhermore, for the purpose to ensure compliance with European Higher Education Area, it works on the improvement of National Qualifaication Framework; maintains the Registry of Educational Institutions and administers student mobility processes. The Center conducts recognition of educational documents, verification of authenticity to ensure the compliance of credibility of educational documents and learning outcomes of obtained education with the qualifications recognized by the state. The Center provides State Services Development Agency with the information necessary for legalization and certification of educational documents. The center also checks the lingual correctness of the state document certifying education - the diploma. The Center cooperates with International and relevant organizations of foreign countries and is involved in international projects.