Appeal Council

In accordance with the law, decisions made by the Authorization Councils of Higher, General and Vocational Education Institutions, as well as the Accreditation Council of Educational Programmes, can be appealed by the institution seeking authorization/accreditation at the Appeals Council or the court within one month from the date of introduction.

Members of the Appeals Council shall be appointed and dismissed by the Prime Minister of Georgia upon the recommendation of the Ministry.

Appeal should be drawn up in written form, and following should be noted in it:

a) Address to the Appeals Council;

b) Identity/name, address and contact information of the person submitting the appeal;

c) Name of the council whose decision is under appellation;

d) The title of the appealed resolution;

e) Request;

f) Circumstances that the request is based on;

g) List of documents attached to the appeal, if any documents are attached to it;

The Appeals Council does not review the case, if:

a) Decision appealed is under a court proceeding;

b) Appeal is submitted by an unauthorized person;

c) The deadline for submitting the appeal has expired;

d) The claimed issue is beyond the scope of the Appeals Council authority.

In the case of authorization, the Appeals Council is obliged to consider the appeal and take the appropriate decision within 60 calendar days from the receipt of the appeal, and in the case of accreditation - within 90 calendar days.

The Appeals Council makes one of the following decisions:

a) Shares the decision of the Authorization/Accreditation Council;

b) Returns the case for reconsideration to the Authorization/Accreditation Council.

In case the Appeals Council shares the decision of the Authorization/Accreditation Council, an interested party is authorized to appeal to the Court according to the regulations and within the time-frame stipulated in the legislation.

In case the Appeals Council decides to return the decision to the Authorization/Accreditation Council for further discussion, the relevant Authorization or Accreditation Council once again discusses the case according to the regulations of these Authorization/Accreditation Statutes and makes a decision within the time-frame set by the law.

The institution seeking authorization/accreditation may appeal the decision related to authorization/accreditation only once.


In accordance with the paragraph 2 of the Article 241 of the Law of Georgia on "Education Quality Enhancement", the following were appointed as members of the Appeals Council:


Irakli Burduli - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law at the LEPL Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Professor of the Faculty of Law of the same university - Chairperson of the Council;

Boris Lezhava - Vice-President of "Caucasus University" LLC in the field of research and strategic development, Professor of the same university in the field of marketing - Deputy Chairperson of the Council;

Givi Gagnidze - expert in educational leadership of the "New School Model Support" programme of the National Center for Teacher Professional Development;

Tamara Toria - Executive Director of NNLE Georgian Farmers' Association;

Ana Sabakhtarishvili - Executive Director of the NNLE Infrastructure Construction Companies Association - Secretary of the Council;

Archil Sumbadze - Member of the Executive Board of the NNLE Georgian School Administrators Association, Academic Director of Buckswood International School (BIST) LLC;

Giorgi Trapaidze - Head of Human Resources Management Department of "Energo-Pro Georgia" JSC;

Kakhaber Partsvania - French language teacher of "Contemporary Education Academy" LLC;

Akaki Kheladze - Professor of International University of Kutaisi in the direction of Business Management.