Early and Preschool Education and Care

Types of early and preschool education and care institutions
Institution – a legal person founded under the legislation of Georgia which ensures the provision of early and/or preschool education services and/or the implementation of the school readiness program only.
An institution may be founded in the organizational a legal form of an entrepreneurial (commercial) or non-entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entity under private law.
An institution shall pass through the authorization process for the purposes of implementing early and preschool education services.

In the international period (until January 1, 2030), institutions are authorized by the LEPL – National Center for Education Quality Development under the governance of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. 


Types of implementation of early and preschool care and education

Early education - services provided to a child under the age of two (early) and to his/ her parent and/or legal representative, which includes: education and support for a parent and/or legal representative; services provided to childcare institutions for children under such age, healthcare, catering, hygienic and sanitary safety, early intervention and inclusive education services.
Preschool education - education services provided to a child in order to ensure his/her comprehensive development from the age of two before the entry to the first grade of the primary level of general education. The school readiness program constitutes a mandatory component of preschool education.
School readiness program – an educational program developed on the basis of the state education standard for school readiness, which facilitates the achievement of results set by the standard.
Preschool education, including the school readiness program, is voluntary, universal and available for every child of relevant age.


Early and preschool education and care quality assurance