LTD - University of Georgia

Name of the HEI LTD - University of Georgia
Programme name Oriental studies
Qualification name Near or Middle Eastern Bachelor of Studies
QF-EHEA Level - NQF Level First cycle - Level 6
Level of learning Bachelor Programme
Language of the programme Georgian
Detailed field and code (ISCED-F-2013) 0388 Inter-disciplinary – involving social sciences, journalism and information
Total ECTS 240
Place of Programme implementation 77 Kostava St., Tbilisi, IV Building, 0171, Georgia University, Georgia
Decision Positive with conditions or restrictions
Condition or/and restriction Accreditation with the condition of submitting a progress report and monitoring
Condition or restriction term 6 month Report and monitoring in one year.
Valid from 24 June 2022
Valid to 24 June 2029
Date of the decision 8 July 2022
Decision Number 782154
Report Report
Decision Decision