The PROFFORMANCE+ (2022-2025) project is based on the results of its predecessor project PROFFORMANCE (2020-2022) and aims to continue the mission of guiding and supporting higher education actors at all relevant levels (EU, EHEA, national, HEI), with a focus on higher education teachers.
The main orientation of the project is to increase the quality of T&L by focusing on the priorities expressed in the Rome Communique: digitalization, inclusion, internationalization and sustainability, considering relevant European and International policy issues and documents, such as: European skills agenda, Higher Education goals in the European Education Area 2025, specifically -European Strategy for Universities, Digital Education Action Plan, Green Deal and  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030.     
The toolkit, developed within the framework of the given project serves to orientate between different policy requirements and support teachers in the direction of improving the quality of teaching.

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