National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement supported by the EDU-LAB project is organizing PLAs for its pool of experts

6 August 2021

The National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement is organizing PLA activities for its pool of experts in the framework of the EDU-LAB project in collaboration with the Alumni Association of the International Center of Education. These sessions aim to provide opportunity for professional development to Authorization and Accreditation experts. The first PLA session, on the topic of "Evaluation of Internationalization of Higher Education Institutions," will take place on August 6, 2021. The project includes a series of 3 PLA sessions featuring participation from local higher education experts, the NCEQE staff, and representatives from European quality assurance agencies.

The NCEQE is actively progressing towards shifting to cluster accreditation of higher education programs. With a mission to promote systematic approaches to expert development and evidence-based decision-making practices, the NCEQE in collaboration with EDU-LAB project conducted the analysis of the current needs of the experts’ pool.  The research involved the active participation of the expert pool representatives, staff of the Higher Education Quality Assurance Department of the NCEQE, and representatives from higher educational institutions. A comprehensive research report has been prepared, outlining pertinent recommendations for the further professional development of the expert pool.