To the Attention of Higher Education Institutions!

1 September 2022

We would like to inform you that the Rule on Selection of Experts for Authorization of Higher Education Institutions and Accreditation of Higher Education Programmes, their Activities and Termination of Membership of Expert Pool have been updated. The updated document was approved by the Order No. 964009 of the Director of the Center dated August 30, 2022. The document was revised mainly for the purpose of implementing the cluster accreditation process.
Furthermore, the areas to be developed, the need for correction of which was shown by the analysis of quality assurance processes of higher education, were eliminated and formed in a new way. Accordingly, the document has been improved and become more transparent. It should be noted, that the updated document, unlike the previous edition, regulates only higher education, and establishes and defines the rules for selection of experts for authorization of higher educational institutions and accreditation of higher education programmes, their qualification requirements, activities, professional development, evaluation of activities, and suspension and termination of membership of the expert pool. The updated document mainly deals with the following issues:


Thematic trainings have been determined as a mandatory stage in the procedure of selection of members of the expert pool. Therefore, before entering the pool of experts, the persons will undergo mandatory trainings regarding the matters of authorization and accreditation. The mentioned change will better ensure the entry of qualified experts into the pool of experts and will also promote their professional development;


The procedure for finding international experts for authorization and accreditation was specified. In accordance with the mentioned process, in order to find international experts of authorization and accreditation, the Center will continue active cooperation with foreign quality assurance agencies and international organizations operating in the field of higher education. The mentioned change will more effectively ensure that an international expert with appropriate
knowledge, experience and high reputation is involved in the assessment process;


According to the updated document, a permanent commission for the selection of authorization and accreditation experts has been formed, which, if necessary, ensures the submission of candidates of relevant experts to the Director of the Center. Accordingly, to comply with the deadlines, set by legislation for authorization and accreditation administrative proceedings, to take into account the type and specificity of the higher educational institutions and educational programmes to be evaluated, to take into account the workload of the experts in the expert pool
and to avoid possible conflicts of interest, the standing commission will establish the compliance of the candidates with the qualification requirements for experts;


It was determined in the Rules of Experts Activity that before joining the evaluation process, new members added to the pool of experts may initially participate in the evaluation process as observers, which will allow them to observe the progress of the evaluation process. With this change, the new members of the expert pool will observe and analyze the progress of the evaluation process and its features before engaging in the evaluation process;


According to the updated document, if the draft report of the experts’ panel submitted to the Center is not clear and cohesive, linguistically correct, substantiated and supported by evidence, and/or its content contradicts the legislation in force in the field of higher education, the Center retains the right not to accept the document and to return the report with relevant recommendations to the experts in order to redraft the report. In case of disregarding the recommendations of the Center by the experts’ panel, the Center is authorized to replace the member(s) of the panel and, if necessary, to re-evaluate the higher education institution/education programme. With the mentioned change, the quality of the draft reports of the experts’ panel is expected to increase significantly, which in turn, implies the development of objective, fair, transparent, evidence-based and impartial draft reports;


Main functions and responsibilities of the expert student and expert employer in the process of authorization and accreditation evaluation have been elaborated more clearly and concisely. The change will contribute to a fairer and more correct distribution of functions among experts in the evaluation process;


In accordance with the changes, student experts will be able to maintain the status of student expert for 1 year after the suspension of the student status, or after the termination of the status as due to the completion of studies. The presented change greatly contributes to the involvement of students in the authorization and accreditation processes;



The principles of evaluation of experts ; activities and questionnaire forms have been updated. The updated procedure and forms allow for comprehensive and complete assessment of both experts and the activity of the Center by all parties participating in the process. The aforementioned questionnaires and their analysis will be used for the purposes of development of authorization and accreditation processes and the experts' activities;



The document took into account the grounds and procedure for suspending the membership of the pool of experts. Basis for suspension of the membership of the pool of experts can be the following: holding a non-staff position at the Center by the expert for a period of no more than 3 years; Selection as a member of the Councils of Higher Educational Institutions Authorization/Educational Programmes Accreditation/Appeals Council and a personal statement.


The updated document can be found at the following link:
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