Guidance of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement's for Higher Educational Institutions on Safeguarding and Promoting Academic Freedom

3 August 2023

The National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement has developed Guidance for Higher Education institutions on Promoting and Protecting academic freedom (available in Georgian and English version to be provided soon). Academic freedom is one of the fundamental values in higher education, guaranteed and safeguarded by the Constitution of Georgia as a fundamental human right. Moreover, as a member of the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area, Georgia is committed to upholding and preserving academic freedom as a core value in higher education.


The National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement assesses academic freedom during the authorization process of higher educational institutions. Specifically, the second standard of authorization focuses on the organizational structure and management of the institution, including measures to protect academic freedom. According to this standard, the evaluation criteria for safeguarding academic freedom involve the declaration of principles of academic freedom in relevant policies and regulations of the institution, as well as the acceptance and endorsement of the concept of academic freedom by the higher education community, including staff and students.


By developing this guidance, the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement highlights the significance of academic freedom as a fundamental human right and core value. The NCEQE anticipates that this guidance (available in Georgian) will support higher education institutions in exploring diverse perspectives to protect academic freedom, and establish necessary mechanisms to ensure the quality of education and research.