Kakhaber Eradze

სახელი გვარი
Kakhaber Eradze

Kakhaber Eradze holds the position of Deputy Director of the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement. He is responsible for the processes of quality assurance of general, vocational and early and preschool care and education and training as well as the center’s strategic planning and research activities. Is a member and head of different working groups established for the purposes to deal with educational system related as well as sectorial issues.

His cooperation with the center included provision of expertise in authorization, accreditation processes, facilitation of development of occupational and educational standards, assessment standards, participation in drafting of national regulations and guidelines for introduction of ECTS and ECVET credit systems and student assessment issues. Before appointing him on the current position he held position af VET Qualification Development Support Program Manager, Head of TVET Quality Assurance and General Education Quality Assurance Departments.

He was active participant of development of National Strategy of Education and Science, Law on Vocation Education and bylaws. He organized and facilitated development process of more than 300 occupational standards and 200 national TVET curricula (framework document) for different occupations, organization of development of more than 100 educational resources for TVET curricula, including student textbooks and teacher guides for different professions, methodological guides in teaching, management and quality assurance processes.

In different periods of his career at the Center, several key changes were introduced to the Georgian TVET system under his direct management, such as establishment of sector skills councils, introduction of competence-based (modular) programs and work-based learning approach in Georgian TVET system, elaboration and introduction of new authorization standards and procedures for TVET providers based on EQAVET principle, development of conceptual approach and piloting of integration of learning outcomes of general education into TVET curricula, introduction and development of quality assurance approaches of dual teaching principles for Georgian TVET.

After gaining his degree in Economics at the Tbilisi State University, he completed his doctoral studies at California State University, Northridge, in International Economics. He held managerial positions in the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Economic Development. He is a founder and active member of three professional associations. Professor and invited lecturer of number of Georgian and foreign universities. Is author of seven textbooks and number of scientific publications.