Ketevan Kobakhidze

სახელი გვარი
Ketevan Kobakhidze
Legal Department

Ketevan Kobakhidze graduated from Tbilisi State University, Faculty of law, with honors and nowadays is a doctoral student of the same faculty. In 2016 she successfully passed qualification exams for judges and in 2016-2017 studied in The High School of Justice.

Ketevan Kobakhidze several times was a guest researcher at Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law (Hamburg, Germany).

Ketevan Kobakhidze was head of division and chief advisor at the Constitutional Court of Georgia and head of departament at National Education Accreditation Centre and Public Service Hall. She also worked for Supreme Court of Georgia.

Ketevan Kobakhidze used to give lectures at Tbilisi State University and Caucasus University. Nowadays she is a lecturer of Private Law at Free University of Tbilisi. Ketevan Kobakhidze was a Coach at Georgian Bar Association. She finished the full course in law teaching methodology at the Washburn University, Institute for Law Teaching and Learning. Ketevan Kobakhidze was a speaker at the life learning education National Law Conference. She was a coach at Brown Mosten International Client Consultation Competition.

Ketevan Kobakhidze is a head of law departament at EQE since July 2019.