General Education Quality Assurance

  • Authorization Standards for General Education Institutions refer to:
    a) Educational Programmes;
    b) Material Resources;
    c) Human Resources.

  • To obtain the status of a General Education Institution/add a level, the following must be attached to the authorization application submitted to the Center:
    a) filled out form of the self-evaluation of the general education status seeker and the accompanied documentations;
    b) document confirming payment of the fee for review of the authorization application.

  • The decision of the Authorization Council can be appealed if the educational institution does not agree with it. The decision can be appealed following the rules and within the time-frame by submitting an appeal to the Appeals Council (Address: #2 Merab Aleksidze Street, Second Lane) or 
    by filing a complaint with the Administrative Cases Panel of the Tbilisi City Court (Address:  #6, 12th km D. Agmashenebeli Alley).

  • Fee for the review of authorization application is 500 GEL.

  • In case of recognition as an authorization seeker, the General Education Institution pays the authorization fee, the amount of which is calculated according to the volume of work done by the experts panel according to the number of people/days.

  • Requisites required for transferring payment to the Treasury: 

    Recipient Bank - State Treasury 
    Recipient Name - Unified Treasury Account 
    Bank Code - TRESGE22 
    Recipient Account / Treasury Code - 707637113 (LEPL - Service Fee for the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement)

  • At least 180 calendar days in advance.

  • Decisions on authorization or on denial of authorization shall be made within 180 calendar days after recognition of an institution as an applicant.

  • In the case of cancellation of the authorization for the General Education Institution, a student's status is automatically suspended if a parent/legal representative does not apply to another General Education Institution with a request for mobility within 10 working days. A student has the right to restore his/her status at any time following the rules established by the legislation of Georgia, for which the student's parent/legal representative must apply to the General Educational Institution where the student wants to continue study.
    The institution, which has been denied authorization or the authorization has been cancelled, is obliged to transfer the personal file of a student, whose parent/legal representative does not apply for mobility to another General Education Institution within 10 working days, to that territorial body of the Ministry - Resource Center (hereinafter referred to as the Resource Center), the area of operation of which is the General Education Institution that has been denied authorization or the authorization has been cancelled. Upon request, the Resource Center will transfer this personal file to the General Educational Institution where the student continues his/her study and regains status.

  • To check the conditions of authorization, the educational institution is obliged to submit a self-evaluation report to the Center at least once every three years. The deadlines for submitting the self-evaluation report are determined by the individual administrative-legal act of the Director of the Center and are published on the website of the Center.

  • Authorization is valid for 6 years.

  • In the case of change of the study area or address by the General Education Institution, the institution is obliged to notify the Center in written form 30 calendar days before starting the activity in the changed area/address, except in cases of urgency. The institution is obliged to inform the Center and immediately submit the documents proving the legal ownership of the area and the document confirming the payment of the fee for the change of the study area or the address.

    In this case, the Center is empowered to check the authorization conditions through monitoring.

  • The decision of the Council is published on the website of the Center within 10 working days after its receipt. Along with the decision, the report of the experts' panel and the minutes of the Council meeting are published on the website of the Center.

  • The list of authorized General Education Institutions is in the section - "Quality Assurance of General Education". (https://eqe.ge/en/page/static/93/zogadsaganmanatleblo-datsesebulebebi)