Development of the center's internal quality system

With the support of USAID HICD (USAID Georgia Human and Institutional Capacity Development Activity) since March 2023, the National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement has been cooperating with the GEC consulting company on optimization and development of the Center's business processes.

The goal of the HICD program is to help the Center improve business processes, develop consolidated operational manual, and establish consistent and sustainable process management practices within the organization. As part of the program, an electronic portal will be created to ensure the storage of optimized business processes and their use.

Within the framework of HICD support, with the help of GEC, the register of identified business processes was reviewed and optimized, Planning, Research and International Relations Department staff was consulted on issues of business process modeling and analysis.

In June, the representatives of all the structural units of the Center were given face-to-face training, within the framework of which the center's employees thoroughly studied the essence, purpose and boundaries of the business process system. Also, predicaments of the business processes and the techniques to analyze those.


The USAID HICD support program will continue until the end of December. The activities provided by the program will help the center to improve the quality of the services it provides, shorten service delivery time, and maintain institutional knowledge and memory.






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