Recognition of Education for persons who received education in occupied territories

Recognition is valid for education received on occupied territories (education-received since1990)

For purpose of Recognition of Higher Education acquired on the Occupied Territories, interested person shall present:

1) Written application (application form) submitted in accordance with Part 1 of Article 78 of the General Administrative Code of Georgia - commensurate with Part 3 and 4 of Article 73, of the General Administrative Code of Georgia, the official language of administrative proceeding shall be Georgian. Respectfully, if submitted application form regarding the recognition of foreign education has been prepared in a non-state language, applicant shall present a notarized translation of the application to the Center.  
2) Copy of applicant’s identity card.
3) Any information on obtaining higher education on the occupied territory or the fact that the person is in the process of obtaining education on the occupied territory.
3) Information on the referees who can confirm that the applicant has obtained higher education on occupied territory.
4) Any other information regarding the above mentioned.

The Center, first, establishes the fact of acquiring higher education by an applicant on the occupied territories. In event of verification of above-mentioned, for the purpose of establishing compatibility of educational programme acquired on the occupied territory with state- recognized educational programme,, the Center will choose LEPL- Higher Educational Institution, which determines the compliance of the education received by the applicant on the occupied territory with the state recognized educational porogramme and issues the conclusion regarding curriculum, learning outcomes and earned credits. In event of absence of written records regarding the passed course of studies and learning outcomes, Higher Educational Institution conducts exams in indicated subject fields and awards credits to applicant.

The Center does not validate Recognition of General Education obtained on the occupied territory. Depending on the aria of jurisdiction, Recognition of General Education obtained on occupied territory conducted by Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Ministry of Education and Culture of Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia or temporary administration of administrative territorial unit founded on territory of formal South Ossetia District.