Authorization Standards

1. Educational programmes of general education institutions


The standards are considered to be met if: a) a school curriculum is based on the school mission and is compatible with the National Curriculum;

b) the school curriculum satisfies the needs of pupils of the relevant level and enables them to acquire the knowledge, skills and values determined by the National Curriculum;

c) the school curriculum provides pupils with equal opportunities for learning and development; the school has a special programme for pupils with special educational needs;

d)the a school's evaluation system for pupils complies with the National Curriculum; the evaluation criteria are transparent, known to the school community and the evaluation results are used to improve pupils' academic performance; e) the procedure for informing parents of a pupil's academic performance is established, and parents have the opportunity to participate in school life; f) a mechanism is developed for evaluating and improving the school curriculum.


2. Material resources of general education institutions



1. The standards shall be considered to be met if:


a) an institution has the material resources appropriate for the study process determined by the school curriculum, including:

a.a) an area of 250 m 2 at a single address, except for the cases where the Authorisation Council of General Education Institutions makes a decision on the authorisation of a school with less than 50 pupils. The right to the area must be confirmed according to the rules determined by the legislation of Georgia;

a.b) classrooms equipped with appropriate inventory, namely: desks tailored to pupils' individual needs, writing boards and other necessary material resources; a.c) a gym, swimming pool or playground;

a.d) appropriately equipped laboratory/laboratories;

b) the school environment is appropriate for carrying out educational process: an uninterruptible power supply system, bathrooms, natural lighting, and heating system; c) the school has a library supporting the school curriculum with adequate number of books, periodicals and other supplementary materials; d) the school environment is adapted to pupils with special educational needs;

e) the school has information and communication technologies necessary for achieving the goals set forth by the school curriculum, including continuous internet supply to the computers. The website performs communication and information functions; f) the school ensures safety and health of its personnel and pupils, for which the school has: f.a) fire safety system mechanisms and equipment;

f.b) an evacuation plan placed in a visible place; f.c) first aid mechanisms; f.d) mechanisms for ensuring order in accordance with the legislation of Georgia;

f.e) security cameras for legal entities under private law - general education institutions, which control the inner and outer perimeters of the school and that are compatible with the video surveillance systems and the rules for their installation and maintenance determined by Order No 1143 of 29 August 2007 of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia on the Approval of the Procedure for Video Surveillance Systems and their Installation and Maintenance at the Places of Gambling and other Betting Games (except for Promotional lotteries) and at their Outer Perimeters;

g) the school has a charter, internal regulations or other documents containing the procedures for decision making, activity planning and implementation, drafted in accordance with the legislation of Georgia;

h) the school has prepared a long-term (six-year) and one-year school development action plans that are based on the mission of the institution, which also includes mechanisms for effective use and improvement of material resources; i) the institution keeps record of the issued documents and of correspondence. 2. Specific parameters of material resources shall be established upon the recommendation of the Centre.


3. Human resources of general education institutions


The standards are considered to be met if: a) the school has human resources that are appropriate for the study process determined by the school curriculum; b) the school's teachers have been selected according to the requirements determined by the Law of Georgia on General Education and those of the National Curriculum; c) the school has in place the procedure for selecting, employing and dismissing employees, also a transparent system of incentives and sanctions; d) agreements are concluded with the teachers, administrative and technical personnel and other employees of the school; e) the school has in place mechanisms for facilitating professional development of its human resources; f) the school has safe, friendly, mutually respectful and cooperative atmosphere, which facilitates the revealing of maximum capabilities of each member of the school community and the distribution of responsibilities.