Right to Carry out Vocational Education Programmes

A general education institution shall be entitled to carry out the educational programmes of the first three levels of vocational education.
A higher education institution shall be entitled to carry out a vocational education programme.
A general or higher education institution shall be entitled to carry out a relevant vocational education programme only when the authorization standards set for vocational education institution under III Chapter of this Charter are met. A relevant decision shall be made by the Authorization Council.
In case of the willingness to acquire the right to conduct a vocational education program, a general or higher education institution / institution status-seeker will submit a filled form of self-assessment of the status-seeker of a vocational education institution, all the necessary documentation and the payment confirmation document of the established fee, which is required for obtaining the right to conduct the vocational education program.
The number of man/ days considered by paragraph 1 of this article is defined in accordance with the number of vocational educational programs and the fee is:




Man / day



Number of vocational educational programs



Fee (in GEL) without business trip




Fee (in GEL) in case of the need of business trip

















In the case if a general or a higher education institution status-seeker wants to acquire the right to conduct vocational education institution, by the relevant board of vocational educational programs on granting /denial of this right, the decision is made only after the positive opinion on granting the authorization to the relevant educational institution. The right for conducting vocational education programs is granted to the educational institution for the period of authorization. 

Requisites for payments to be made to TREASURY:
Beneficiaries Bank: Treasury
Name of Beneficiary: Treasury Single Account
Bank code: TRESGE22
Beneficiary acc/ Treasury code: 707637113-( LEPL –National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement- service fee)