Addition of the vocational educational program

Vocational education institution or general/higher education institution, which has obtained the right to vocational education programs, may at any time add professional vocational education programs by presenting the application app.

The educational institution pays the fee for addition of the vocational education program/programs, the amount of whichi is calculated according to the following table:

Amount of vocational institutions

Fee (in GEL) without the need of business trip

Fee (in GEL) with the need of business trip




In case of more than five programs, a separate application must be submitted, which is an independent administrative proceeding. The period of administrative proceedings for the addition of the program is 90 calendar days.

The fee is paid on the account of the center.
Requisites required for depositing funds in the Treasury:
Bank of Receiver - State Treasury
Name of the Receiver - Total Treasury Account
Bank code - TRESGE22
Receiver's account / treasury code - 707637113 (service fees provided by LEPL - National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement).