The European University Association (EUA) is one of the largest organizations, it encompasses numerous European universities and organization in the field of education. EUA has 850 members in 47 countries. Based in Brussels, the organization studies European higher education policy and practice, specifically in terms of quality assurance, internationalization, governance and funding. It also executes transnational and institutional development projects.

The European University Association allows member organizations to participate in joint European projects and share the best practice with the stakeholders. The Association cooperates with the European Commission and the European Parliament and grants the member organizations an opportunity to participate in the formation of the future EU higher education policies and initiatives.

5 Georgian universities are members of the EUA: (1) Georgian Technical University, (2) Ilia State University, (3) Tbilisi State Medical University, (4) Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and (5) Davit Tvildiani Medical University.

The membership of the LEPL National Center for Education Quality Enhancement in such an organization is of utmost importance since the Center is the only body in Georgia responsible for education quality assurance. This framework will enable the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement to receive the latest information on the best practices in Europe, participate in the formulation of European higher education policies and to ensure the dissemination of the information about the best higher education policy and practice on a national level.

The benefits of membership in the Association of European Universities include:

On behalf of universities, influence the decision-making process on European, national and regional levels through the framework provided by the European policy.

Establishing links with key European stakeholders.

Representing the interests of European universities at the international level.