Authorization Council of Vocational Educational Institutions

1.Shorena Japaridze – Expert of Vocational Education (Chairman of the Council);

2. Nino Elbakidze – UNDP specialist of Vocational Education Policy (Deputy Chairman of the Council);

3. Tite Bolkvadze - Expert of Vocational Education - (Council member);

4. Rusudan Gigashvili – Chairman of N(C)LE Agro Duo (Council member);

5. Valeri Gulbani – Director of LEPL “Research and Innovation for Business Development” (Council member); 

6. Giorgi Vekua - Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Director of Department of Regional Development (Council member);

7. Nino Veltauri – Director of LEPL National Agency of Employment Assistance (Council member); 

8. Natalia Kvachantiradze – Chairman of Georgian Tourism Association (Council member);  

9. Mariam Kuchuloria – Advisor of LEPL European Business Association (Secretary of the Council);

10. Khatuna Chkhartishvili – Head of HR Department and Learning Center at JSC Goodwill (Council member);

11. Djincharadze Davit – LEPL MARITIME TRANSPORT AGENCY Head of Sailors’ Department (Council member).