Bologna Process


The European Higher Education Area (EHEA)and Bologna Process

On June 19, 1999 29 European Ministers of Education signed a declaration in the oldest university town of Bologna. By signing the document, the ministers expressed their willingness to participate in creation of European Higher Education Area. 

Bologna declaration was preceded by such documents as: Magna Chartum Universitatum (1998); Lisbon Convention (1997); Sorbona Declaration (1998).

Georgia joined Bologna Process in 2005 at Bergen Summit.




Cooperation under the umbrella of the Bologna Process

Participation in the Bologna Process TPG A on QF- Since 2019, the Center has been a member of the Bologna Process TPG A on QF. And, since 2022, the Center co-chairs this group. Within the framework of this cooperation, the Center actively participates in different meetings and conferences, which is a part of the responsibilities under the Bologna Process. The Center is actively involved in harmonizing the National Qualifications Framework with the European Qualifications Framework.


More Information on the link: https://www.ehea.info/page-peer-group-A-QF


Involvement in the Thematic Peer Group B (TPG B on LRC) working on the Implementation of Lisbon Recognition Convention - The Center is also involved in the implementation of LRC TPG B, aimed at supporting the full implementation of the Lisbon Recognition Convention, and creating the space for the sharing of experience and expertise.

More Information on the link: https://www.ehea.info/page-peer-group-B-LRC

Involvement in the Thematic Peer Group on Quality Assurance (TPG C on QA) - Since 2018, the Agency has been a member of the Thematic Peer Group on Quality Assurance (TPG C on QA). TPG C activities are devoted to developing QA systems in line with the ESG.

More Information on the link: https://www.ehea.info/page-peer-group-C-QA

Higher Education Social Dimension (SD) - Georgia, represented by the Center, is a member of the working group on SD. The group aims to support the members of the European Higher Education Area to elaborate on SD policy to ensure accessible, inclusive, fair and equitable education across EHEA. The representative of the Agency regularly participates in the meetings of the working group which discusses the current achievements and needs in the direction of SD, including the development of performance indicators and monitoring plan.

More Information on the link : https://www.ehea.info/page-Working-Group-SD

Learning and Teaching Work Group - Since 2022, the NCEQE has been contributing to BFUG Working Group on Learning and Teaching which assists EHEA authorities in developing national strategies for enhancement of teaching and learning in higher education and works on the development of indicators for measuring progress in T&L in EHEA, for the Bologna implementation report.

More Information on the link: https://www.ehea.info/page-Working-Group-Learning-and-Teaching



Main documents of Bologna Process

Documents of Bologna process