Council for granting the permission of professional training and retraining program


Babalashvili Nino – Director of N(C)LE Georgian Adult Education Network (GAEN) – Chairman of the Council;

Beridze Zaira - Georgian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Advisor of Vocational Education – Council Member;

Gamkrelidze Giorgi – Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development – Department of Economic Politics – Head of Labor Market analytics Agency – Council Member;

Gulua Tea – UNDP Georgia, knowledge management and innovations’ specialist – Council Member;

Veltauri Nino – Director of LEPL Employment Support National Agency – Council Member;

Zakareishvili Marika – The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) – Project Expert of “Involvement of private sector in vocational education and training system in South Caucasus” - Council Secretary;

Tokhadze Tornike – President of N(C)LE Information Technology Association of Georgia (ITAG ) – Council Member;

Kvitsiani Natia – International Organization for Migration (IOM) – Coordinator of Local Programs – Council Member;

Meburishvili Nato – LEPL Georgian National Tourism Administration – Head of Quality Development Agency – Council Member;

Nozadze Mariam – LEPL Enterprise Georgia, HR Manager – Council Member;

Kuchuloria Mariam – Expert of Vocational Education – Council Member;

Shotadze Mariam – Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Department of Development of Vocational Education, Head of colleges’ coordination administration – Council Member;

Shubitidze Nino – LEPL Georgia's Innovation and Technology Agency / Assessment, Research and Accounts Specialist of WB’s National Innovations Ecosystems Project – Council Member.