Recognition of non-formal education

Non-formal education – part of the lifelong learning system, which means acquisition of “knowledge and understanding”, “skills” and/or “responsibility and autonomy” beyond formal education.

The grounds for the recognition of non-formal education used to be based on the amendments to the Law on Vocational Education adopted in 2010 and on the order of the Minister of Education and Science issued in the same time period, which laid down the general principles of the recognition process and recognition only within the third level. Recognition processes carried out on the basis of the above have highlighted the need to regulate a number of issues, including the introduction of methodology, the development of monitoring mechanisms, etc.

The Law on Vocational Education updated in October 2018, identified more possibilities for the recognition of non-formal education in a different manner not referred to in the previous regulation, and provides for the recognition of learning outcomes corresponding to the third, as well as the fourth and the fifth levels.

On 6 September 2020, the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia approved the rules for the recognition of non-formal education. The procedures are fully updated and are in line with the recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council.


Rules for the recognition of learning outcomes achieved within non-formal education 

Seeker’s application form

Seeker’s consultation form 


Resolution of the Government of Georgia – Rules and Conditions for Acquiring the Right to the Recognition of Non-Formal Education 

Application for acquiring the right to the recognition of non-formal education


Rules for the selection and certification of consultants and for the cancellation of the status thereof 

List of certified consultants



 1.Non-formal education recognition process and stages thereof  

2. Acquisition of the right to the recognition of non-formal education 

3. Guideline for non-formal education recognition consultants


Institutions entitled to recognize non-formal education

Community College  NATALY ACADEMY Ltd

LTD – Academy of Business & Technology

 LTD - Business academy of Georgia

LTD Tegeta Academy