Institutional Evaluation for increasing Students' Numbers (quota)

A higher education institution can increase student quotas (maximum number of students to be enrolled) both through authorization and a written application  on increasing student quotas submitted  to the Center.


After a written application is submitted by a higher education institution to the Center regarding the increase of student quotas, specific stages are followed:


  • The Director of the Center issues an individual administrative-legal act on the creation of an authorization expert panel and a site visit to the higher education institution;
  • A draft report of the expert panel is elaborated and submitted to the Center after studying the application and the documents attached to it, considering the methodology of determining the maximum number of student quotas of the higher education institution, the specificity of programmes, the resources of an institution, and the results of the authorization site visit;
  • The Center defines a formal compliance of the expert panel’s draft report to the standards and legislation. If necessary, in order to ensure a formal compliance of the authorization expert panel’s draft report, the document is sent back to the authorization experts panel for revision;
  • Within 10 calendar days upon the receipt of the draft report of the authorization experts panel, a higher education institution submits to the Center a written argumentative position concerning the factual circumstances in the draft report. Then, it is sent to the experts panel and to the authorization council of higher education institutions;
  • In case of an argumentative position is submitted, an experts panel studies the document, or if an argumentative position is not submitted, the panel of authorization experts finalizes the report and submits it to the Center;
  • The Center sends the report elaborated by authorization experts panel to the higher education institution;
  • The decision to increase student quotas or to refuse to increase the student quotas is made by the Higher Education Institutions Authorization Council within 90 calendar days from the submission of a written application for increasing the number of student quotas to the Center.


It is desirable that before submitting an application to the Center about increasing student quotas, an institution familiarizes itself with Articles 90 and 91 of the Charter of Authorisation of Educational Institutions approved by Order No.99/N of Minister of Education and Science of Georgia dated on 1st of October, 2010, and also, Guideline of Authorization of Higher Education Institutions.