EQE services for students

Involvement of student experts in the authorization and accreditation processes is one of the key components and EQE tries to actively carry out activities in support of student experts. EQE offers them various training sessions and educational activities.

If you would like to join EQE’s expert pool, please send us you resume (providing the name of your referee) via eqsperts@eqe.ge, and EQE representatives will contact you.


Complaints and/or claims


A student may file a complaint/claim to the LEPL – National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement, if s/he thinks that his/her rights have been violated and/or the university does not fulfill its obligations under the authorization and accreditation processes in an appropriate manner, since the requirements set for the HE institution under the authorization  ( https://eqe.ge/res/docs/N3_7.02.2018.pdf ) and accreditation standards https://eqe.ge/res/docs/2014120419274749836.pdf ) must be met by that institution on a regular basis.


For the complaint form and procedures, please use the following link: https://eqe.ge/ka/page/parent/835