The fee paid for the services provided by the center is fully refundable if:

a) the interested person cancels the service before registering the application for the relevant service;

b) As a result of administrative proceedings, a decision could not be made due to the center.


If the interested person cannot receive the service in the period corresponding to the fee paid by him for a reason independent of him and wishes to use another period for which the law provides for a lower fee, then the difference between these two fees is returned to the interested person. The interested person has the right to refuse the service and to request a full refund of the paid fee, if the service could not be provided within the relevant period due to the reason of the center.


If the interested person was refused the service provided by this order due to a defect in the presented document and/or incomplete presentation of the documents stipulated by the legislation of Georgia, the center is obliged to provide the service based on the already paid fee in case of elimination of the said defects. In case of refusal to pay the fee, based on the request of the applicant for the refund of the fee, the paid fee is subject to full refund.


If the center made a mistake while providing the service, in particular, the documents were drawn up and/or issued with incorrect data, the interested person will be provided with the service again without paying an additional fee. In case, if the interested person refuses to apply for the service again, the paid fee will be returned to him.


If the fee is paid in an amount higher than the established rate, the difference between the amount paid by him and the rate established by this law shall be returned to the payer of the fee.


The fee is returned within 10 working days from the written request of the interested person. The request must include a justification for the existence of a legal basis for the partial or full refund of the fee paid. The request must be submitted within 3 months after the payment of the fee. The paid fee will not be returned after the expiration of this term. Extension of this period or renewal of the missed period is not allowed.


The official bank details of the recipient of the money must be attached to the application for the refund from the services provided by the center.


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