For the attention of citizens!

26 November 2020

Dear friends,  

We would like to inform you that after many months of work, the new website of the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement - www.eqe.ge was launched on November 25 of the current year. 

The new website of EQE has been built with the financial support of the EU-funded Twinning project “Strengthening Capacities for Quality Assurance and Governance of Qualifications”. 

Foreign experts and all structural units of EQE were actively involved in developing the concept of the new website. Our main goal was to make the new website as user-friendly as possible! 

To achieve this goal, a number of websites belonging to our partner agencies in different countries have been reviewed, redesigned and adapted to our reality and context. 

All stakeholders - students, educational institutions, employers, foreign partners, donors, individuals or legal entities interested in the services of EQE - will be able to easily view information on the website of EQE. Inter alia, segmentation has been done in the best interests of the beneficiary. 

We paid special attention to the FAQ field and tried to give comprehensive answers to the incoming questions asked by citizens. 

We wish you every success and we promise that the new website of EQE will serve the main purpose of providing you with updated and necessary information about the services of and novelties at EQE to the greatest extent possible!