NCEQE is planning to implement professional development activities for the HE Authorization and Accreditation Experts Pool which is based on thematic analysis of experts’ professional needs

15 March 2021

The National Center of Educational Quality Enhancement and EDU LAB project, supported by the International Education Center Alumni Association are conducting a research for the professional development of the HE Authorization /Accreditation Experts’ Pool. The main aim of the research is to identify all key professional needs of the experts. The research is being conducted according to the thematic analysis methodology developed by the experts of the EU Twinning project.

In total, more than 50 Higher Educational Institutions, the Higher Education Quality Assurance Department of NCEQE and Authorization/Accreditation Experts’ Pool will participate in the study process. The results will be available to all stakeholders. Upon completion of the research, it is planned to set up an experts’ advisory group, where local and international experts will be involved. The experts’ group will use the results of the research to form needs-based training module and provide Peer Learning Activities for experts. The Center believes that the research based professional development activities will contribute to apply systemic approaches in experts pool professional development.