Joint Training of Local and International Experts

18 March 2021

The NCEQE organised a joint training for Georgian and international experts on March 10-11, 2021. The NCEQE trains experts to ensure rigorous, fair, transparent and consistent approach to the programme and institutional evaluation procedures. The topics of the trainng covered:


  1. Context and System of Higher Education in Georgia
  2. Functions and Responsibilities of the Experts
  3. Programme Accreditation and Institutional Authorization Procedures
  4. Authorization and Accreditation Standards
  5. Sector Benchmarks in Medicine

It was the first joint training conducted for international and local experts by the NCEQE a month prior to the evaluation visits to be organized in a blended manner, ensuring the participation of our international experts via virtual means. Based on the feedback received from experts' surveys in previous years, the training programme was modified for 2021. It offered broader information on the national context that could be relevant for applying external QA mechanisms. The NCEQE also briefed experts on its expectations for the responsibilities to be fulfilled on their behalf and the quality of final reports upon submission. The trainers focused on the quality assurance of Medical Education in Georgia since the majority of HEIs that are about to undergo institutional accreditation this year carry out programmes in medicine (Presented by Dr. Gaiane Simonia, Professor at TSMU, Chair of Medical Sector Council). 


The NCEQE will consider further improvement and perhaps a more frequent use of online trainings in the future.

Joint Training of Local and International Experts