To the Attention of University Entrants and Students !

6 September 2023

The National Center for Education Quality Enhancement congratulates all individuals who have successfully passed the Unified National Exams and have become students of various higher educational institutions.


Hereby, to provide better clarification for university entrants and students, the Center reiterates to all stakeholders the specificity of pursuing education in higher education institutions and recognition of the document validating education obtained by students at higher education institutions.


In accordance with the legislation of Georgia, any institution, including a foreign university or its branch, must undergo authorization and adhere to the authorization standards of higher educational institutions in order to deliver higher educational activities within territory of Georgia, as stipulated by the law.


The state exclusively recognizes diplomas issued by duly authorized higher education institutions. The list of authorized higher education institutions can be found on the Center's website - https://eqe.ge/ka/page/static/89/umaghlesi-saganmanatleblo-datsesebulebebi.

Information is being disseminated through social media and various information channels, offering potential entrants to enroll in the branches of different universities of virous countries operating on the territory of Georgia and engage in the educational process without undergoing the Unified National Exams. We would like inform the relevant audience that the dissemination of information of such content is a direct violation of the applicable law, is misleading in nature and intends to misguide potential university entrants and students.


We reiterate that the website of the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement provides a list of authorized higher education institutions which are authorized to conduct higher educational activities on the territory of Georgia.


The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, along with the legal entities of public law incorporated within its system, including the National Center for Education Quality Enhancement, is committed to safeguarding the legal rights and interests of university entrants and students. Thus, it is of paramount importance to the Center that precise and reliable information regarding authorized higher educational institutions in Georgia is disseminated. This measure is crucial to ensure that the rights of individuals are preserved and not infringed at any stage.


In case of inquiries, we can be contacted via our hotline. We are available on working days (Monday to Friday) from 09:00 to 18:00 at the following number: +995 322 200 22