Higher Education Sector Benchmarks

Sector Benchmark is a document, which defines learning outcomes of educational programmes with regard to specific directions or field/specialties considering appropriate levels of education. The

document is based on Georgian Legislation, National Qualifications Framework and European Qualifications Framework that supports student mobility and development of joint educational programmes. Sector Benchmarks is one of the mechanisms of quality assurance of higher educational programmes. This document defines minimum competences that a holder of a corresponding qualification (Bachelor, Master, PhD) is expected to possess. International requirements are taken into consideration when drafting sector benchmarks.


Rule for the Development, Update and Approval of Higher Education Sector Benchmarks and for the Creation and Activity of Sector Councils and Sector Working Groups (Initial version) Last updated: 30.06.21 (available only in Georgian)
Annex 1 _Application 
Annex 2_Analysis Paper 
Annex 3_Sector Benchmarks Template 

Sector Benchmarks: